I offer compassion, understanding, and therapeutic guidance through life’s challenging experiences. My approach to therapy is trauma-informed meaning that I understand how trauma can impact a person’s life and sense of well-being.  This approach helps to understand behaviors and to have compassion instead of judgment.  Understanding is the first step to overcoming.

Side-effects of trauma can be passed down through families in the form of grief, shame, relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, anger, addictive coping styles, disconnection, suicide, and physical tension, pain, and illness.  The suffering and effects can be passed down through generations without someone being directly affected by trauma.  

Recognizing these patterns and others by exploring personal coping methods and emotions (to any degree) can lead the way to deeper healing and less suffering.  I use a variety of methods for improving outlook, coping, and self-healing including Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) which I believe to be a very healing and effective modality.  

I also offer support for Grief including onsite grief counseling and support for survivors of suicide.

I understand it can be intimidating to take the first step toward counseling.  My approach is supportive, compassionate, and directed by the client’s goals and pace meaning that we work together to explore and heal without overwhelming.  

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